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Hampshire in the South of England has everything from coastlines and beaches to country parks.

Hampshire has a thriving economy and is a popular tourist destination with attractions including The New Forest, The South Downs National Park and the cities of Winchester and Portsmouth.

Drone hire in Hampshire is readily available as there are a number of large established companies providing services in and around the county. Drone Safe Register’s searchable database is a great resource for finding drone services for hire in Hampshire and other parts of the UK.

Drone Safe Register is the UK’s largest network of Civil Aviation Approved (CAA) drone pilots. As well as providing marketing support for members available for drone hire in Hampshire and other areas, Drone Safe Register works with the CAA and other organisations to promote safe and responsible use of unmanned aircraft. Members must evidence CAA approval and have adequate Public Liability insurance in place at all times.

The variety of commerce and tourism on the South coast makes it a popular region for the use of drones. Hotels, golf clubs and leisure destinations are increasingly using aerial photography for their marketing. What better way to attract potential visitors than a shot of a hotel surrounded by beautiful grounds taken from the air?

Drones are increasingly being used in the construction industry, and this is another reason why drone hire in Hampshire is in high demand. Surveyors, planners and architects are able to reduce costs and work more efficiently using aerial photographs and 3D models produced using drone technology.

Its mild climate makes Hampshire an ideal place for arable farming, and this is another sector where unmanned aircraft are making a difference. Everything from soil analysis to crop monitoring can be carried out more efficiently using data captured from aerial perspectives.

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