Drone Solar Panel Maintenance & Inspection

The need to shift to renewable energy sources means that use of solar power is increasing.

In the right location, solar panels are a simple and cost-effective way to generate electricity. Some homeowners are now installing solar panels to generate their own power, and the UK Government has a number of solar power stations planned.

Solar panels are heavily exposed to the weather, and this means they require regular inspection and maintenance. A solar panel aerial photographer is the ideal solution for this.

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Using drone technology, visual and thermographic images can be captured without the need for physically accessing solar panels. This means lower prices, increased efficiency and reduced risk of workplace accidents.

A drone inspection can identify signs of the most common forms of damage including:

  • Weather damage. Heavy hail storms are one of the most common causes of problems with solar panels. If you live in an area prone to hail storms you may need a specialist solar set up to reduce the risks

  • Leaves, twigs and other debris. Scratches on the surface of solar panels reduce the amount of energy the produce. Maintaining trees around areas panels are located is a good way of minimising the damage caused by leaves and dirt. A solar panel aerial photographer can provide high-definition images to identify panels that may need cleaning or replacing

  • Water damage. Solar panels are sealed like double glazed windows, but the seals can fail over time. Drone images can help you spot signs of corrosion arounf seals and areas where water may penetrate.

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Drone technology has revolutionised panel inspections on solar farms. The sheer scale of these means that physical damage, dirt and mechanical deficiencies are a constant problem.

Thermal inspections by drone can detect problems in minutes and save huge costs of maintenance and repair. To find a local solar panel aerial photographer search the Drone Safe Register database.


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