Valentine’s Day drone presents

Drones and Romance… You might think that drones are not the most romantic of devices but as we approach the national day of love – Valentine’s Day – here’s some ways in which UAVs have been used to spread a little romance.

DJI’s Valentine’s Day Marketing

Last  year, the marketing team at DJI were obviously briefed to find a way to boost sales of their craft in February and they came up with this.   A drone, they say, is the perfect way to treat the creative person in your life – show them that you love them with a drone.   They even went so far as to create a sales package that included a Phantom plus a box of chocolates – be still my heart! Unsurprisingly it was met with mixed reactions in the drone press but we don’t have any information regarding sales figures so who knows?  Maybe many hearts were set aflutter…

Valentine’s Day Drone Deliveries

One student decided to brighten up Oregon State University by using his drone to deliver red roses and chocolates to unsuspecting ladies around campus.  Obviously, the ladies in question are quite delighted with the drone cupid and it is a sweet way of spreading the love (although it would clearly be in breach of UK drone safety laws to try this so we definitely wouldn’t recommend this method of wooing yourself).

Like Things a Little Racier?

The British sense of humour and ability to laugh and poke fun at the darkest of times is quite well known. So in the midst of the Gatwick chaos in December 2018, it was no surprise to see that someone had added the Gatwick Drone as a profile on Grindr.  Well, whatever works for you…

Chinese Drone Light Show

Still if you want something truly romantic, you need to go back to China, the home of DJI.  Tthis is a truly impressive spectacle.  A fleet of 777 LED bearing drones were used to create an incredible display to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day – the Qixi Festival.

Against the night sky, the drones told the story between Zhinu (the weaver girl) and Niulang (the cowherd) and their forbidden love.  Banished to opposite side of the rivers they were able to reunite once a year when a flock of magpies would form a bridge.

Clear proof, if proof were needed, that drones really can be as romantic on Valentine’s Day in the skies as Cupid himself…

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