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The UK housing market is in a strange state at the moment.

Interest rates are at record lows making borrowing cheaper than ever, but uncertainty over Brexit and future government has made people very nervous. Prices are falling in many areas, and properties are taking longer to sell. So what can you do if you’re stuck without a buyer for your house?

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There are many ways you can improve the chances of selling your home without spending too much money. Initially it’s about what estate agents call curb appeal. This is the first impression your home gives to any potential buyers. Tidying up the garden and decluttering rooms are good places to start.

A lick of paint can also help, but remember that everyone’s taste is different when it comes to home decor so don’t go for anything too individual.

An idea you may not have considered to improve the chances of selling your home is to hire a drone property photographer. For the right type of property there’s no better way to showcase a home than from an aerial perspective.

A drone property photographer can capture stunning images of your property and it’s surrounding gardens and land. Detached homes in rural areas benefit particularly these types of images.

Mr Day of Somerleyton commented – We’d had our home on the market for nearly eight months and had taken the advice of two local estate agents. We tried everything from redecorating in neutral colours to paying for garden improvements. Reducing the price would have caused financial complications and just didn’t seem fair.

When a friend suggested hiring a drone property photographer I thought he was joking at first, but when I looked at some pictures of other houses I was amazed. 

It’s essential that you hire a drone operator with approval from the CAA to carry out commercial work rather than a friend or local drone enthusiast. As well as being against the law, using a drone pilot who doesn’t have CAA approval.

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The garden looked stunning from the air, and you could see the space around the house and it’s location perfectly. When I saw the pictures I almost had second thoughts about moving!

We decided to pay for an advert in a couple of local property magazines and included two shots taken by the drone property photographer. Within days we had a flurry of viewings and two offers. The drone fee and cost of the advert was the best investment I made this year.

A drone property photographer may also be able to take shots from the ground to help showcase both the interior and exterior of your home.

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