Getting a Fair Deal Thanks to Drone Technology

Insurance companies don’t always have great reputations. It’s been said that they can be quick to take your money when you’re buying a policy.  But slow and reluctant to pay out when you need to make a claim.

Fortunately the industry is very well regulated in the UK,. Companies do actually try to ‘treat customers fairly’ but that doesn’t always happen.

Storm claims can be one of the most contentious.

Insurance companies often have a very specific definition of what actually constitutes a storm. They will take data from local weather stations and other sources to confirm that winds were of the speed and strength that makes a weather incident qualify as a storm under which a claim can be made. 

Wear and tear and ‘small print’ around the maintenance of a property comes into play when claiming.

An insurer will, of course, expect you to keep your home and property in a good state of repair. They’ll turn a claim down if they can prove otherwise.

Was that leak in your roof due to high winds and extreme rainfall for three days. Was it simply that the felt covering it was weathered and worn?

A drone roof survey is one of the ways you can have extra peace of mind that your insurance claim with be dealt with fairly.

By capturing high definition photographs and video clips of the condition of your property you can prove that it was well maintained.

A drone roof survey can confirm the condition of tiles, guttering and drainage, aerials, chimneys, and flashing. 

During a drone roof inspection, a pilot can identify potential problems such as loose tiles and wood-work damage.

Getting these fixed at the time can prevent expensive problems down the line and help you to avoid the hassle of an insurance claim altogether. 

If you find yourself involved in an insurance claim dispute, a drone roof survey could produce the evidence you need to win the fight.

Traditionally, insurance companies and their loss adjusters erect scaffolding for roof inspections, and this can be very expensive.

Without any evidence your property has been damaged by a storm or extreme weather, you could end up in a dispute.

Presenting photographs from a drone roof survey as part of the claim can mean you receive the payment you’re entitled faster.

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