A home aerial inspection can be expensive if you need ladders or a scaffolding to access your aerial. Don’t assume that your aerial is on your roof though, because some are internal and are fitted in the roof space.

TV Aerial Inspection by Drone

If in doubt and you can’t see from the ground, try to trace where aerial cables go when they leave an indoor junction point.   Before you book a home aerial inspection, there are other steps you can take. Local atmospheric conditions can affect television signals, so consider if weather may be the cause of interference. Freeview channels are updated on a regular basis, so run a channel search on your television to see if it needs re-tuning. If there are still problems after some troubleshooting, it’s time to consider the best home aerial inspection option.

Ladders or scaffolding are the traditional way of carrying out a home aerial inspection. Older buildings weren’t designed for easy roof access, so they can be quite tricky to access. Areas of flat roof, like felt or asphalt, aren’t safe to walk on so extra care needs to be taken. In the last couple of years drone aerial inspection services have become available, and these can be a good option.

Don’t be tempted to hire a drone or ask a friend with a ‘toy’ one to have a look at your aerial. It takes knowledge and skill to navigate a drone over a roof, particularly if you can’t keep direct line of sight at all times. Flying a drone from the onboard camera’s perspective can be disorientating, and there is a high risk of collision. Telephone cables are a particular hazard – a drone’s propeller hitting one is very likely to bring the aircraft down.

A drone home aerial inspection is best left to an expert then. Anyone offering this service must have permission to carry out commercial drone work from the CAA. You’ll have to pay a fair rate to hire a CAA approved drone pilot, but you can be confident they know what they’re doing. Getting approval involves studying and taking both theory and practical tests. A pilot has to prove he knows his aircraft well and can fly it safely.

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