How do I find commercial drone operators near me?
Increased awareness about the technology and it’s practical uses means you may find yourself asking ‘how do I find commercial operators near me?’ A quick search on Google could return some results, but how do you know you’re dealing with an experienced professional you can trust?
The first thing to check if you want to hire a commercial UAV operator is that they are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out this type of work. CAA approval means a pilot has undertaken appropriate training and demonstrated that he understands the legal obligations and practical aspects of drone flying (A2 CofC, Operational Authority or GVC conversion).
Modern drones are very safe when the operator is properly trained on how to use them, but ‘rogue’ pilots can be dangerous. Hiring an unqualified operator is a criminal offence.
All CAA approved operators are required to submit evidence of appropriate insurance as part of the vetting process. This includes Public Liability Insurance covering damage to property or injuries caused to members of the public.
Drone accidents are very rare, but the consequences of an accident can be serious. Experienced operators carry out detailed risk assessments and take steps to mitigate potential accidents before the drone leaves the ground.
They contact local authorities such as airports where necessary and advise neighbours that a drone will be operating in the area.
There are several different reasons why you may need to ask how do I find drone operators near me, and this will affect the company you choose. These could include –
  • Drone roof surveys. Whether it’s to plan and scope maintenance of a property you own or to get a detailed condition assessment of one you’re thinking of buying, an aerial survey is a sensible investment. Photographs can reveal damage to tiles, chimneys, drainage systems and other features that are otherwise inaccessible. A drone roof survey can help to identify sources of leaks and takes away the need for expensive scaffolding
  • Aerial property photography. Some estate agents hire aerial property photographers to produce images and video footage for listings, but you can pay for this service yourself to speed up the sales process. Homes with large gardens in rural locations benefit, particularly from aerial property photography.
  • Insurance claim assessment. Getting a fair settlement in a property insurance claim can be a battle and the more evidence you have to support your case the better your chances of winning. Data captured by drones can provide clear evidence of damage and Loss Adjusters are increasingly using aerial imagery and video footage. If you find yourself in a dispute over an insurance claim it could be a good investment to hire a local drone operator
  • Website images and video footage. Hotels, golf clubs and other leisure venues are increasingly using aerial shots to showcase their properties. There’s no better way to show potential visitors what they can expect when they visit!
Your reason to hire a commercial drone operator will influence the best company for the job. For example, an operator with experience in the building industry will be ideal for a drone roof survey. A drone wedding photographer would be a better choice for recording a family party or event. Specialist equipment and software may be necessary for some types of work. If a company’s website doesn’t explain the fields they work in and the experience they have, don’t be afraid to ask.
Drone Safe Register is the nations largest network of CAA approved commercial drone operators. To find local pilots in your area and discuss the work you would like undertaken, hit the button below to get started.
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