Drones for your Wedding

“My fiancé really wants some aerial shots taken of our wedding…  and I’d like to book a drone for him as a surprise.

How do I choose an operator to go for and is there anything I need to know before booking?”

Booking a drone operator to fly at your wedding will create a fantastic memory for the happy couple, as well as the rest of the wedding party.

Capturing your special day from this perspective creates a lot of buzz and those otherwise impossible-to-capture shots will be treasured for years to come. The general public are largely unaware that you must have a Civil Aviation Authority issued licence, and drone specific insurance in order to provide drone services. Standard public liability insurance is not sufficient and is invalid for drone use, nor is photographic equipment insurance. It’s not the kit we’re worried about protecting, it’s you and your guests!

Before parting with any cash don’t be afraid to ask the company to produce their documentation. Without this they could be putting other people and property at risk.

Finding a qualified pilot will give you peace of mind as you know they’ll have the correct insurance and will have made the necessary checks with your venue well in advance, leaving you to enjoy your big-day celebrations!

What’s more is that Drone Safe Register pilots are at the top of their game, so you’ll have the best images possible!

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