When you are planning a wedding, there is a great deal of thought that goes into every aspect of the preparations.

The dress, the flowers, the favours, the entertainment – the list goes on and on.  However, when the day is over, you’ll want to have really wonderful images and video that you can look at throughout your married life together so you can remember all those little details and enjoy them all over again.


So for this reason, you’re probably going to look at hiring a photographer and a videographer but you could also consider adding drone photography and filming to your day as well, to really capture it in all its glory.

An aerial perspective of your wedding is a fresh and exciting way to see it, and offers both a documentary and creative opportunity to capture the day.
A drone pilot can either work separately to create the photographs and video of your day that you would like or they can collaborate with the photographer and ground based videographer to create work within your finished image package.

The finished images can give a real cinematic quality to your venue, especially if you are marrying somewhere with extensive grounds as it can reveal them in a way that you and your guests will never get to enjoy them on the big day itself.

Pricing and Staying Legal

Prices can vary according to the operator and your requirements but it is vital that you check right at the start of the process if you are hiring and working with a qualified, approved and legal pilot.

Unfortunately, illegal operators looking to make a quick income without investing in the right, training, qualifications and safety standards are rife within the drone industry and you don’t want to be dealing with them and taking the significant risk to your guests at your wedding.

If they are prepared to cut corners in terms of flying legally, they might well also skimp on safety and insurance, as drones can be extremely dangerous in careless hands.  All of our DSR network of drone pilots are guaranteed to be safe and legal.

So if you use our instant quote system to hire a drone pilot in your area to find out what they have to offer you on your wedding day, then that is one less thing that you have to worry about.

You’ll need to put your hired drone pilot in touch with your wedding venue coordinator on the day so they can take care of all the necessary planning and arrangements well in advance.

Pilots will need the permission of the landowner for takeoff and landing and they’ll also need to understand about any airspace or location restrictions that might incur a little extra paperwork to receive the right permissions to fly.

You should also note that not every venue is suitable for a drone flight, by talking to one of our drone pilots for hire, they will tell you very quickly what is and isn’t possible.

Good planning is essential for a successful series of drone flights that create the imagery that you will love.

Weather will play a part as drones can’t be flown in rain or high winds but your pilot will be monitoring the predicted conditions on the run up to your wedding.  They’ll also be able to advise you on what works well in terms of locations and also the times of day that you’ll want to capture.

For example, drones are quite noisy by nature so they don’t work naturally in terms of filming while you are saying your vows but they can create some lovely video of your guests mingling and enjoying themselves at  your reception.

Those couples with stunning outdoor venues will definitely improve the imagery captured from their amazing day with the hire of a DSR drone pilot.
If you’re looking for a great article that explains pretty much everything you need to know if you’re considering hiring a drone for your wedding, then this piece on the Hitched website provides a really clear introduction.

Then once you’ve decided to go ahead, look no further than Drone Safe Register to find the perfect qualified, insured and CAA approved drone pilot to make your wedding video dreams come true.


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