Why You Should Become a Drone Safe Register Member

Boost Your Business

When you become a Drone Safe Register member, we will link our website to yours, meaning it will rank more highly on Google and more people will find your business.

A Drone Safe Register membership will help to boost your business to new levels through SEO. This is due to Drone Safe's positive reputation, but most importantly it will work to promote your business through Google backlinks. 

Not only will this benefit your website ranking, but it will also save you money on website costs.

Easily Share More Content

With Drone Safe Register memberships, you receive access to our 50GB transfer system, allowing you to share a higher volume of better-quality content compared to

other systems such as WeTransfer.

Save on Your Enterprise Kit

Drone Safe Register members are entitled to exclusive discounts on our DJI store. This includes our whole enterprise range, so you can equip yourself with the very best tools for any job you’ve secured.

Access to Our Exclusive Inspection Calculator

Easily excel in any inspection job with access to the UK’s first roof inspection calculator, available to only Drone Safe Register Certified Drone Operators. Struggle to work out the price of a Roof Inspection? This tool is perfect for you! Easily estimate and quote your customers the correct rate to secure the job.

Secure the Best-Paid Jobs Before They’re Offered to Others

A membership with us means operators get to appear on the UK Drone Operator Map and start finding local drone operator job leads through our Instant Quote system. Our instant quote system is the busiest funnel for Drone Jobs in the United Kingdom and we don’t ever take a commission on jobs!

Reduced Price of Insurance with Coverdrone

Commercial Drone Insurance is a requirement for all Drone Operators in the UK. That’s why we have teamed up with the leading Insurer, Coverdrone. Drone Safe Register members all gain access to 5% off their premiums whether that’s daily or yearly plans.

Memberships Created With You in Mind

By recognising each skill level separately, we're able to provide a tailor-made package of benefits to suit each membership tier, allowing us to optimise the functionality of each member's Drone Safe Register experience.


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