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For the majority of 2018 here at DSR headquarters, we are sorry to say that we have been keeping quite a few secrets from everyone.  However, the time has come when (nearly) all can be revealed!

Early in the year, we quite literally flew into the Dragons’ Den with the hope of procuring both interest and investment from one of their highly experienced Dragons to let us really fulfil the group’s potential.

Mark Boyt, the founder of the Drone Safe Register, would certainly count the visit to the Den as one of the more nerve wracking experiences of his life.  Firstly, he had to focus on one of the most important pitches he’s ever made.  However, before he could even begin, he had to deal with the pressure of flying a drone out of a lift in a ‘one take’ scenario in front of the UK’s most famous business panel!

There’s such a range of success stories that have come from this long running BBC2 Show and naturally, not all of them have gained investment.  The opportunity to stand in front of the Dragons, and the 4 million viewers on the night (with another 2 million forecast to watch on Catch Up services) is huge by anyone’s standards and if nothing else, when it comes to hiring Drone operators, will help put Drone Safe Register at the forefront of the nation’s minds.

All of our member drone pilots are already making sure that all of their information is completely up to date, their show reels reflect their best and latest work and they have uploaded all of their highest quality stock footage.  They’ll be ready and waiting when all of those Dragons’ Den viewers get to their desks on Monday morning and want to find out drone photography and videography can offer their business an advantage.

So whatever the outcome of our visit (and no, we can’t tell you), we are both proud and excited to be bringing Drone Safe Register into so many living rooms across the UK.  It’s a group that we believe represents the very best of talented, safe and legal drone operators across the UK .

If you want to know what happened, there’s not long to wait!
Tune in to BBC2 on the 9th September at 8 o’clock.


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