Drone Roof Survey Cost

A drone roof survey cost varies depending on a number of factors.

One thing you can be confident of is that it’s very likely to be cheaper than traditional methods.

If completed by a professional drone pilot with experience of roof inspection work, it could also save you money further down the line.

This is very useful, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

If you’re buying a home with a mortgage, the lender will usually insist on a full home-buyers survey.

A drone roof survey cost will often prove to be a very worthwhile investment. As well as identifying specific issues like loose tiles and damaged lead flashing, a roof survey can tell you a lot about the general condition of a property.

Guttering clogged with leaves, signs of loose tiles and areas where water has gathered are signs of poor maintenance and problems to come.

The outer covering is the first aspect a roof survey will cover.

From this an expert will be able to predict how long a roof will last before replacement will be necessary. In the case of flat roofs, close-up images from a drone can be very useful to check for leaks and soft spots.

The structure of a roof is the next thing a survey can review. Sag, spread and condensation are all of note. Tie bars, wall plates and ventilation can all be viewed from a distance using a drone with a zoom lens.

The detail is incredible when recorded by specialist drone survey equipment.

A building’s system for dealing with rainwater is very important to the overall condition of the property, particularly in the UK. Damage, cracks and blockages to guttering and external pipes can have serious consequences.

If left unrepaired they can lead to build up of water, leaking joints and seepage.

A drone can also check windows, skylights and chimneys as part of a survey. Skylights are a great feature, but they are vulnerable to the elements. A drone’s camera can check for signs of cracks and fogging indicating some maintenance may be required.

A drone roof survey cost is excellent value for money as part of the overall assessment of a property.

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