What is the ideal time to book aerial photography


Spring 2020 has been incredibly challenging for many people, but we are now seeing signs that life is returning to normal.

The fine weather and blue skies mean it’s an ideal time to book an aerial photography shoot.

Our national network of CAA approved drone operators have reviewed their safety procedures to take account of social distancing and other Covid-19 related measures and are ready to fly.

An aerial photography shoot is the perfect way to showcase property and land. Images and video footage captured from the air give a unique sense of scale and perspective that’s not possible with ground-based photography.

When the weather’s fine as it is right now the blue sky and sunshine gives drone photography an extra ‘zing!’ Lawns and gardens are in full bloom and the colours look stunning in a ‘birds eye’ view.

The fact that the UK property market is open again means it may be time to plan a move now. But if you’re thinking about moving house later in the year it’s still a great time to book an aerial photography shoot during the fine weather. Dull skies and clouds reduce the impact of property and estate photographs, so don’t leave it until Autumn or Winter.

An experienced drone operator will be able to advise you on the best time of day for a shoot and the angles and heights to capture from to showcase your property in its full glory. If you have any concerns about safety or privacy laws one of our members will be able to put your mind at risk and offer advice.

For example, it may be necessary to let your neighbours know in advance that a drone will be in the air over and around your property. If you live near an airport or other sensitive area it’s still possible to book an aerial photography shoot but the pilot will need to work with relevant authorities to get permission.

Having professional property photographs is a proven way to attract potential buyers to view a property. Searching for a new home can be time consuming, so being able to see high-quality images of the exterior and interior helps buyers to make a shortlist. Aerial property shots add to this and bring the floorplans and specification to life.



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