The COVID Safe School Photo Solution

With a myriad of Covid-19 safety precautions in place in schools up and down the country, it is tough capturing such a memorable year on camera. This is particularly true of end-of-year photographs, especially for those leaving the school. 

Luckily, our network of professional drone pilots can provide a solution! 

Our experts can help you capture the perfect image - from the air!

Why Take a School Photo With a Drone?

Aerial photography is a stunning aspect of the photography world that is growing massively. This is because of the unique perspective and shot type it provides. Prior to the implementation of drones, the cost of hiring a helicopter or light aircraft for aerial photography would’ve made it very expensive to capture the incredible view.

A drone school photo is an aerial photograph of all the pupils and teachers, usually with the school as a backdrop. Pupils and teachers can be made into different shapes, often to spell out the name of the school or another message of some description.  If taken by a drone pilot with expert camera skills they can be fantastic, and the perfect keepsake for pupils. More often than not, children get very excited about the prospect of seeing a drone fly over their school, and smiles and happy faces are virtually guaranteed when the snap is taken. 

If a school has impressive grounds or state-of-the-art sports facilities, photographs taken from the air are an excellent way of showcasing the atmosphere and scale of a school's features. This makes for a unique and gripping piece of marketing material for the school to use in the future. This is particularly useful in the current climate due to the quality of the cameras on drones, meaning shots can be reused/repurposed without losing quality and detail. 

Aerial Photography & Video For Schools

How Do Drone Safe Register Pilots Ensure Safety?

Whilst it is a great idea to take aerial drone photographs, it is vital the work is carried out safely and by an insured pilot. It's critical that the drone operator has been trained to fly a drone in these types of scenarios and can operate his aircraft safely. Anyone in the UK who wants to fly a drone for money or remuneration must first get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

Don't be tempted to ask a parent or a student to take a drone school photo; if something goes wrong, there could be major penalties. A drone pilot who has been approved by the CAA will not only fly to a high standard but will also have insurance in case the worst happens. With Drone Safe Register, you can book easy, knowing you have booked a safe, insured, qualified drone operator, who can not only capture a stunning aerial image but can ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff. 

When it comes to being COVID Secure, our members have experience having worked throughout the pandemic and are prepared to use the relevant PPE when appropriate. By organising an aerial photograph, you are promoting the safety of the pupils by operating outside in fresh air and keeping some distance away from each other. There is also the opportunity to group students together in their bubbles, ensuring safety whilst still creating an incredible and memorable experience. 

Aerial Photography & Video For Schools

How Can Aerial Videos Be Used By Schools?

As an extension of aerial photography, aerial video can be used to greatly enhance a schools marketing efforts by completing a fly over of the school, its pupils and the grounds. Stunning aerial video can elevate your content and can be an excellent way to showcase the school. This is particularly useful for showing off new buildings/facilities and classic architecture. 

To ensure the safety of school ceilings and roofs, you can book a roof inspection directly through Drone Safe Register. This takes the worry out of the situation and ensures the integrity and safety of your staff and pupils.

Drones can also be used to show off the inside of a school building by hiring a pilot to do a fly through of the school. This is a very specialist service and can create an incredible video. Watch below a fly through video of a Land Rover garage! 

So, the next time you plan on organising school photos, remember the team and network of pilots at Drone Safe Register are here to help.


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