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With over 15 years experience working in the construction, restoration and architectural sectors providing professional photography on prestigious projects including Battersea Power Station Regeneration, Athlone House, American Embassy, Old War Office and clients Knight Harwood, SHH Architecture & Interior Design, Ibstock Brick, PAYE Stonework & Restoration.

Vivienne now offers professional commercial drone photography and cine services with regular clients : BBC, Vision Construct, Solivus, Wine Garden of England, Moonchik Media

Vivienne is a CAA approved commercial drone pilot and able to develop and deliver aerial photography imagery from initial concept to completion for a wide range of applications.

Drone Photography For Construction, Marketing , Architectural, Property & Housing. Aerial drone photography is quickly becoming popular across a number of industries for a number of applications, both technical and for marketing.

Drone Photography For Construction

Drones are being used in the construction industry to save time and resources and to collect real-time data for a clearer understanding of on-site events, providing insights that can ensure potential problems are caught out early, schedules are met, saving time and money. It is also becoming increasingly important to obtain and understand information of the site before works begin. Due to the inherent dangers of aerial photography, it is critical that drone photography is completed by a CAA approved drone pilot who holds the necessary insurance.

With applications both residential and commercial, whatever drone photography service you require, our professional service can help:

Aerial Filming


Aerial Photography

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