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SkyTech Cambridge is a specialist Drone Survey and InspectionThermal imagingPhotography and Film company based in Cambridge. We are able to cover projects right across the UK.

From creating captivating films, performing complex asset inspections or capturing stunning photography - we have the resources and experience to deliver a truly unique and personal experience to all of our clients.

Drone Photography and Cinematography

Delivering resolutions up to 8K with our DJI Inspire 3, our drones and ground cameras can capture stunningly beautiful imagery which is colour graded, edited and then delivered in any format.

Drone Inspection and Survey

For roof, bridge, land or large building surveys and inspections - drones are quickly becoming the preferred choice for engineers, construction and asset managers for drone inspection and drone surveying because they offer great advantages in safety and speed of access.

Land surveys, aerial asset inspection and roof inspections all carry inherent risks using traditional methods. Using the latest commercial drone technology, Skytech Cambridge are able to complete timely and safe visual drone survey and drone inspection work while reducing traditional associated costs.

We can offer rapid deployment to carry out a comprehensive service at any location around the UK. 

Every project is planned in detail beforehand to keep flight times to a minimum while ensuring that all relevant data is captured for post-flight analysis and reporting.

Drone Thermal Imaging

SkyTech Cambridge offers the latest thermal imaging technology, fully integrated into a purpose built drone, with an industry leading 640 x 512 high resolution sensor to produce high quality and reliable thermal images and video.

Images captured are fully radiometric which means that every pixel in the image contains a temperature value. This allows for more detailed post-capture data analysis and flexibility.

Thermal drone inspections can be conducted safely in confined and difficult to access areas both internally and externally; complete darkness; cold weather and remote locations. Deployable in under a minute and with a flight time of up to 35 minutes per battery - a quick response is assured to capture the data that you need.

Traditional handheld thermal devices are an invaluable tool for many reasons, however they are limited by the fact that they can only be used by an operator on the ground. The same technology is now operational on our dedicated thermal imaging drone which provides unrivalled access to buildings and infrastructure previously deemed too challenging to inspect.

Drone Traffic Surveys

Recognizing the pivotal role of traffic dynamics in effective urban planning and traffic management, Skytech Cambridge introduces a cutting-edge drone solution for modern traffic surveys.

Elevating traffic analysis to new levels, we offer a myriad of data and behavioural insights. We're pioneering a new era of integrated traffic intelligence with our state-of-the-art video analytics solutions.

Live Streaming

Combining the latest Starlink satellite connectivity with 4G/5G cellular, we are able to deliver a stable and uninterrupted live drone video stream for any event or live monitoring project.

Ground Filming and Photography

Using the latest Sony mirrorless digital cameras - we're able to capture film at up to 120fps at 4K 4:4:4 and high resolution photos. A variety of zoom and prime lenses means we're ready to cover any type of event.

In-house Editing, Colour Grading and Production

All videos and photos captured from our drones or ground cameras can be processed in house and delivered in any format.

360° Panoramas and Time Lapse

Our drones can create stunning high resolution and fully interactive 360° panoramas. We can also produce drone based time lapse media as well as conventional ground based time lapses.

Search and Rescue

Drones can prove to be indispensable in search and rescue missions. Our conventional RGB equipped drones as well as our Thermal drone can cover large areas even in the dark.

Drone 2D/3D Scans and Modelling

Using the latest photogrammetry techniques backed up by RTK positioning data allows us to produce incredibly accurate and detailed 2D and 3D maps of individual buildings right through to entire construction sites or agricultural land.

Cambridge Drone Photography

Drone Thermal Imaging

Cambridge Drone Film

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