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Brooks-Smith Media - Supplying Quality Drone Videography Services For TV, Film & Businesses in Hemel Hempstead

Providing Professional Aerial Services For Companies Large & Small

At Brooks-Smith Media, we are proud to provide ultra-high quality aerial filming services for applications in TV, Film and Businesses.

Utilising the latest in DJI drone technology, we can capture stunning aerial video content in up to 6K RAW and ultra-high definition aerial images.

Why DJI? DJI provide the worlds leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and are capable of capturing the highest-quality images in the drone world.

Professional Drone Services Hemel Hempstead

Brooks-Smith Media, based in Hemel Hempstead, is a full-service aerial agency. We provide a variety of drone services using our cutting-edge drone and virtual reality technology.

Brooks-Smith Media Aerial Filming Services - At a Glance

  • Drone Photography
  • Drone Videography
  • Drone Site Surveying
  • Drone VFX Mapping
  • VFX Plating
  • 3D Mapping | Data Supply
  • 3D Mapping | Rendering Drone VFX Services

Aerial Drone Videography Hemel Hempstead

Aerial filming no longer needs extensive helicopter film crews and massive, flexible budgets. At Brooks-Smith Media, we complete aerial operations that are quiet, safer and more affordable, whilst retaining the high-quality standards required for TV & Film.

Brooks Smith Media will work with you to create the perfect shot. Hundreds of clients have trusted us to capture high-quality aerial content for their TV or film projects.

Aerial Drone Photography Hemel Hempstead

Our aerial drone photography can capture aerial imagery at up to 24MP! Whatever your aerial imagery requirements, Brooks Smith Media can provide the quality your business deserves.

Tricky terrain, remote landscapes, trees and water are no obstacles when it comes to capturing aerial photography with our drones.

VFX Filming Services Hemel Hempstead

At Brooks-Smith Media, we undertake an impressive range of Aerial VFX work!

  • Location Scouting
  • Tech Scouting
  • Photogrammetry Services
  • VFX Plate Shoots

With a passion for providing clients with the best data possible, we are proud to utilise the latest and greatest equipment to get the best results.

We can supply data in a range of formats including Reality Capture, Metashape and ZBrush.

Photogrammetry Services Hemel Hempstead

Believe it or not, there is more to aerial photogrammetry services than simply pressing a button on a piece of software if you want the best results.

It's all about knowing what to photograph, what angles to shoot from, and ensuring that the software can recompile a true and accurate mode. Only experienced professionals, such as Brooks-Smith Media, can do this.

Our photogrammetry service can produce extremely accurate models that can provide location data in addition to measurements. We can model it anywhere we can get a camera to take multiple images!

CAA Approved Commercial Drone Operators in Hemel Hempstead

As a proper commercial drone business, we have permission to complete commercial operations from the CAA via our PfCO / Operational Authorisation.

We have up to £10million in Public Liability Insurance and are able to fly safely, legally and effectively in urban and built-up areas.

We have passed the UK Government based Cyber Essentials tests so you can trust that we will look after your data!

Our operations tools really are the best in the business. We work exclusively with DJI drones and equipment to provide clients with the best possible aerial content.

Hemel Hempstead Drone Filming Services - CAA Approved and Insured

DJI Inspire 2 – X7 | Ultra-Powerful 6K camera with interchangeable lenses, shooting in up to 6K with ProRes RAW.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro | Superb quality 4K camera drone, shooting H265 with a 20mp camera for aerial images.

DJI FPV | Capture the unreachable with incredible action, acrobatic shots.

DJI M600 Pro | We can carry almost any payload on this modular drone!

We look forward to working with you soon!

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Drone Filming Hemel Hempstead

Drone VFX Mapping

Aerial Filming Hertfordshire

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