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Aerial videography and photography is simply stunning.

Our drones include the Yuneec H520 (ideal for mapping and surveying) a Yuneec H Plus (both H520 and H Plus are Hexacopters meaning they have 6 props for extra redundancy and safety) & a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

We are based in Lincolnshire and endorsed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). We have obtained the qualification and permissions (PfCO or Permissions for Commercial Operations) registration number 3922 This has from 1st January 2021 now been classified as an Operational Authorisation (OA). In Addition to this qualification we have now completed the CAA additional courses for the GVC conversion and attained the regulated and need A2CofC certificate to allow us to operate in the C2 open category of 'flying closer to uninvolved people'. This Qualification requires a minimum standard has been reached such as passing both theory and practical tests known as Ground School and Flight School. It also means we have to specify how we operate by means of an operation manual and hold adequate public liability insurance. We also have permissions to fly at night.

We are therefore able to offer:

  • Drone Photography up to 20mp
  • Drone Videography up 4K
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Ground Videography for promotional videos, corporate or special events


We can also provide flyovers for Golf Courses, aerial footage to accompany holiday parks and camp site events.

Sports projects can be captured from the air such as track days, windsurfing, jet skiing, kite surfing, vehicle showreels, horse riding etc

So because we hold a current PfCO you can use the footage legally for commercial promotions on your website, Facebook, Twitter, in fact for any reason you wish.

We have remote pilots we can call on in our network should a project need the extra help.

Are you a roofing company paying £300 plus to have scaffolding erected to have a quick inspection of a roof, solar panels or chimney stack? Want to save money and time? We can have a drone up to the roof, video the footage, take as many photographs as you require and back down again in 30 minutes (complexity of job dependant of course), Footage can be viewed instantly on our Skyview googles if you require.

Drone Photography

Drone Filming Grimsby

Roof Inspections

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