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Providing photography and motion video content to construction, corporate and tv broadcast sector.

We have at least 25 years of production experience covering a vast range in the industry sector.

Our speciality is Construction progress reports, providing on-going reports for management level decision makers.

These are some of our clients we have worked in partnership with EDF Hinkley Point C, Galiford Try, BBC and Academy Films providing aerial footage for a TV advert campaign.

We were commissioned to film the Diamond Princess for Channel 5's 'Mighty Ships' documentary, this involved strategic planning and a good vessel pilot who was able to move us to the optimum location to hand launching launching the DJI Inspire 2 drone.

We pride ourselves on having the imagination and skills delivering full potential of the given task.

anyone can now buy and operate a drone...In simple terms anyone can buy the tools and do their own plumbing but how much better would a professional do it?

We have a fleet of drones from the DJI Mini 2 to Inspire 2 with X7 super 35 sensor delivering RAW DNG / ProRes, what this means is we can operate in confined spaces safely to larger projects requiring cinematic higher end productions requiring a two person operation, one operator for the camera and one drone pilot operator.

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