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Echo Alfa has been a UK CAA approved drone operator for over 6 years. We have over 20 years of combined experience in video production and have been flying camera drones and unmanned helicopters since 2004. We are a friendly and knowledgeable team looking to provide a new take on a project. If you are looking for a professional drone operator, then please give us a call.


Operating Safety Case

Often our clients need us to acquire shots in a very short time frame and in situations where a standard OA just wouldn't cut it. The additional work required to control large areas of public space, especially when road closures and traffic management would be required, can often make this impossible. We have delivered a very concise Operating Safety Case that shows how we can operate much closer to people and structures outside of our control in a very safe manner. This has afforded us additional permissions that distinguish us from 95% of other UK drone operators. You can read more about our Operating Safety Case on our website.

Our permission provides us with the following reduced operating distances:

  • 10m from people during take-off
  • 15m from people during flight
  • 50m from 1000 people or more
  • 600ft Maximum Height above Surface


TV Broadcast


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