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We at Drone Site Surveys have a number of UAVs, capable of delivering aerial shots that would satisfy any requests, see a list of our drones below:

DJI Matrice 210 RTK for surveying plus we have a FLIR Duo Pro Thermal camera attachment and all Drone Site Surveys pilots are qualified thermographers.

Phantom 4 RTK SDK drone for accurate site surveying - used with Ground Control Points we are able to provide accurate +/- 1mm measurements. 

Inspire 2 with X5S camera and accompanying lenses from 12mm to 45mm, ensuring we capture the very best shot. 

Inspections can be carried out by our Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom or Enterprise Dual Thermal with Drone Cage to help get up close and personal with the areas you are wanting to get a good look at.

Our Mavic Dual drone can capture basic Thermal imagery and data, however, our Inspire 1 v2 with XT camera is always available for situations requiring a much higher resolution. While not quite as nimble as the Mavic in-room cavities etc, the Inspire 2 is a really great all-rounder. 

The Mavic and Inspire 2 can also be used with our DJI Goggles, allowing the client to monitor the images live and make specific determinations/changes mid-mission to ensure we capture the exact data required. 

Our pilots are experienced in providing the very best service and capturing the data our clients require. Having completed over 100 roof condition surveys in the past 6 months, they are well-versed in knowing what needs capturing to ensure the very best results are delivered every time. We are based in the North West but regularly travel up, down and across the UK for our aerial photography work. 

Drone Roof Condition Survey

Thermal Drone Survey / Inspect

Aerial Filming and Inspections

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