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Need a drone pilot for a commercial roof survey or media production? We have you covered with trusted pilots. Visit www.dronemotion.co.uk or read on to learn more.

My name is Matthew, I am the MD and commercial lead pilot at Drone Motion and provide expert aerial visuals for my customers.

Over the last few years I'm proud to have:

✔️ Provided most of my MRICS and RICS clients data for their survey projects.

✔️ Able to provide aerial video for commercial TV channels & media productions.

✔️ Gained a reputation in the drone world for being one of the most trusted pilots in the South.

✔️ Proudly flown drones for hundreds of hours, for that essential onsite experience.

✔️ 3 drones in our fleet, each for a specific job, including the DJI FPV, and of course insured for every flight.

⭐ How Can I Help You? ⭐

▶️ Drone Roof Surveys

No more ladders, no more climbing, all you need is a drone and our dedicated software for roof surveys!

Roof inspections can be a crucial measure in saving you money in the long term by spotting potential problems early, whether you are inspecting a property you are planning on purchasing or one that you already own.

👉 To get in touch, just send over a message, or visit our website.

▶️ Drone Filming For Productions & Events

I love teaming up with film producers and directors to help supply aerial video for their projects. This can be from small indie filmmakers to high-end TV productions.

Our team has extensive onset experience and knowledge on how the TV & Film world operates, to this end we're passionate and able to get the shots our clients desire.

👉 To get in touch, just send over a message, or visit our website.

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