Bird's Eye Drones Ltd

Bird's Eye Drones is a professional drone services company.

We are a specialist, multi-discipline company servicing the construction industry. 

We can provide Highly detailed aerial models for remote building assessment. Improving site safety, managing assets & materials & providing regular progress updates to instill confidence in your progress and mitigate against future litigation.

We combine the safe, cost-effective use of drone gathered data with expert 3D modeling and construction expert analysis to provide the construction industry with actionable data including investment-grade reporting on solar, repair assessment, heat-loss analysis & more.

We provide a number of services for our property maintenance, architectural, and surveyor clients. We can furnish our clients with high-quality images and video for their own assessment right up to full survey and costing reports.

We can help to increase workplace safety and productivity.

Provide BIM data.

Reach remote or hard to access areas.

Reduce downtime on the site. 

Provide before and after comparison data.

Progress monitoring and reporting.

Asset and engineering auditing.

Client reassurance.

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Construction Drone Services

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