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We are a Wales based company, in a perfect location to travel throughout Wales and into the UK. Providing aerial photography and video services, as well as Conventional Photography, Thermal Imaging and Time Lapse. We use UAV's or ‘Drones’ to capture Stunning images and videos from an aerial perspective.

We can provide aerial filming, aerial photography, aerial mapping, site progression, survey and thermal imaging services throughout Wales and most of the UK. We offer high quality aerial imagery for a wide range of applications at affordable prices. Whether you have used drone photography and filming services before, or are just exploring the possibilities, let us be your guide.

Aerial filming & aerial photography offers an unprecedented level of creative freedom. Using our drones for photography provides outstanding images in a safe, cost effective way. Aerial photography offers corporate clients the opportunity to view their land and buildings from any position. Add drone filming to the equation to get vivid, unique & dynamic footage for use across your business. From commercial marketing videos to promotional photographs, our highly skilled drone operators provide you with high quality aerial images of your land or structures.  
Drone photography is not just for commercial clients, you can commission us to photograph homes, events and special occasions to.

We can also provide conventional ground based photography and video for all types of events from wedding's, estate agent's, car meets and County show's.  We also provide time lapse HD video for building sites, demolition sites and events.


We not only fly drones, we can also create your business or organisation a website.  We can take the aerial and ground based photo's and video's and add them to a new site created by us! 

West Wales Drone Services are CAA authorised and hold upto £10,000,000 in public liability insurance upon request (£1,000,000 as standard).





Martin is the founder of West Wales Drone Services.

A CAA approved UAV Pilot that has always enjoyed flying model aeroplanes, UAV's (Unmanned Air Vehicle or "Drones") as well as racing radio controlled cars and other vehicles.  
For the last 20+ years I have worked in the IT industry for both the public and private sectors,  with this knowledge being transfered into his drone photography business.


A keen runner who runs for His local club, Takes part in 5k, 10k and Half Marathons both on road and trail.  In 2018 he finally ran His first marathon (and last) which was The London Marathon.

He also coaches and train's one of the area's junior football teams, and as required he also holds a current DBS check, FAW Football Leaders Award and FAW First Aid For Football Awareness.

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Holds current CAA PfCO
(Expires 11-03-2021)

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