Eoin O'Grady Photography

Aerial Photography & Operations

I am a fully trained, insured and CAA approved drone operator specialising in aerial photography, inspections and agricultural monitoring.





Home / Real Estate Photography

A good aerial photograph can add so much interest to your listing and even increase saleability and value. If you are an estate agent or are selling your home privately, get in touch to arrange an aerial shoot of your home for a very reasonable price.



Commercial Photography

Elevate your brand with some aerial photography or video of your product / office etc.




FIlm / TV

I can join your filmmaking team so you can get shots without jibs and cranes. I can even output HDMI or SDI for a live broadcast from the drone’s camera.

Get in touch to discuss your upcoming shoot.





Drones take away the need for expensive scaffolding or climbing and open up an easy way to access areas that would usually be unsafe for humans to visit.

High-resolution pictures of a chimney or roof can safely, easily and quickly be taken and reviewed from the comfort of your office!






The ability to assess the health of a crop quickly and accurately is hugely important to farmers. I can photograph hundreds of acres of crop per hour making crop stage and health monitoring quicker and more effective than traditional methods like walking or driving on a quad.





Aerial Photo and Videography

Building Inspections

Film and TV Drone Pilot

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Holds current CAA PfCO
(Expires 03-08-2021)

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