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Elevate your next video production with Drone Motion. Our many hours of flying experience with clients such as the BBC supply creative and engaging aerial video for a variety of productions. Get in touch for a quote, big or small! We'd love to hear from you and see what we can accomplish for you.


We offer half-day or full-day rates which are fully dependent on the job. Our pilots adhere to the CAA drone code in full and we can also offer an OSC pilot for congested and proximity flying. 



Aerial Inspections

Rooftops are a critical part of building infrastructure and must be monitored carefully. Automatically collect high-resolution roof imagery and generate comprehensive roof reports much faster than traditional methods.


Adverts & Promo Videos (TV & Film)

At Drone Motion™ we love teaming up with film producers and directors to help supply aerial video for their desired productions. This can be from small indie filmmakers to high-end TV projects. Our team has extensive onset experience and knowledge on how the TV & Film world operates, to this end we're passionate and able to get the shots our clients desire.


Events & Weddings

Aerial photos and video footage are a unique way of capturing the memories of a wedding day or outdoor event. Wedding & event photography has evolved in exciting ways over the past twenty years, and drone wedding pictures are the latest development.


Ground Videography

As well as using drones to capture content, we can also provide ground filming equipment on the day to make any promotional video turn into a more engaging video for your audience and customers.


Property & Real Estate

Some properties can only really be seen and appreciated from an aerial perspective, and this is why drones for estate agents have become so popular. A home with landscaped gardens surrounded by countryside can sell itself if aerial photographs and videos are available to potential buyers.



Hiring a drone pilot for sporting events in the UK is becoming increasingly popular. An aerial perspective is ideal for everything from sporting events to rock concerts. Photographs and videos of an event are ideal for marketing via social media and sharing with people who attend and take part.

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