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So if you’ve been looking at the drone industry recently, then you’ve probably noticed that DSR has been making the headlines. 

Our founder, Mark Boyt, entered the Dragons’ Den to make his pitch and started a bit of a row between three of the Dragons all keen to invest.   It all ended with a handshake between Mark and tech titan Peter Jones and £60,000 invested in return for a 40% share in the business.

The following week has been a hectic time with endless phone calls, meetings, press activity and planning. So what does it all mean as the dust begins to settle.

It was clear as soon as the news became public that a lot of members had concerns about what it means for their membership fees.  Mark has been keen to stress that the investment and ensuing public interest does not equal sky rocketing fees.  ‘Our focus has always been and continues to be providing work and value for our network of members, and that won’t change. If anything, the publicity that DSR and the drone industry as a whole is now receiving means that the members should be even more excited about the value that their membership offers them.’

In a series of meetings with ‘Team Jones’ since May, there are lots of plans for the future of DSR that have been set in motion.  ‘Peter’s level of enthusiasm for his new investment has been so impressive.  He’s so keen to get involved and help us to realise our full potential’.  Some of the plans still need to remain under wraps while the details are being finalised.

However, one area that has been immediately earmarked for improvement is the website.  ‘We’ll be combining the drone operator and stock footage sites to create a one stop resource for anyone looking for drone information or footage’.  We will introduce more member ‘value added benefit by focusing on member services such as a dedicated forum to hold such resources as technical bulletins, business templates, legal forms, accounting briefs and other drone business resources that our members will benefit from.

At the heart of it all, Drone Safe Register remains committed to some basic principles:-

  • To educate the general public about the safe use of drones, the importance of using legal, approved CAA pilots and also to let them know the opportunities that drone photography, videography and thermal imaging can provide them both in their business and personal worlds.

  • To provide resources and support for drone hobbyists to enable them to safely, legally and responsibly enjoy the incredibly creative and rewarding hobby of flying UAVs.

  • To provide UK wide access to a network of qualified, approved, safe and legal drone operators that the client can rely upon to give a top level of service.

  • To maximise opportunities for DSR members to network, gain client and access all the quality resources that we provide to drive their business from strength to strength.

None of this has changed since our visit to Dragon’s Den, but we have more opportunities than ever to meet and exceed these goals – exciting times!

We will continue to bring you news and information as soon as we have it….

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