Drones in the UK Economy

The best uses of drones are those that everyone can benefit from, and the UK economy is starting to take drone tech really seriously – movers and shakers in a range of industries are seeing the benefits of Drones ever more each day.

Gone are the days when the benefits need demonstration – now we have a wealth of knowledge, a rapidly growing industry and plenty of experience across the DSR network.

If you don’t know who your local pilot is, make contact and find out what they can do for your business – a ‘flying camera’ being used to capture cool aerial images is just the beginning.

Some common jobs Drone Safe Register pilots carry out:

Real Estate Photography

Our research (DSR 2016) has shown that properties with aerial images included in the brochures (and the online galleries) sell between 15% and 25% faster. This translates in the real world into huge time savings for realtors – less time explaining layouts, creating the vision in the buyers imagination. In essence aerial images are already helping people see themselves in their future homes, before they even arrive there in person!

Marketing & Online Content Creation

The freedom of movement that comes with working with a Drone Safe Pilot’s has it’s own rewards – aerial footage has long been sought after and creating a sense of space around a business property, for driving directions or to showcase a gorgeous traditional pubs location is simply unsurpassed.

Cinematics & ‘Heavy lift’

The Drone Safe Register is proud to have cinematic experts in the ranks: aerial video capture coupled with top notch video editing skills- making your airbourne vision ‘just so’

Roof Inspection: Across the UK

A regular source of income for Drone Safe Register Pilots is the good old roof inspection. Roofers, insurance assessors and home owners alike are increasingly seeing the benefits of drones to quickly and (probably perhaps most importantly) safely and cheaply inspect property. This is a cost effective method that reduces the need to construct and rent scaffolding, whilst completely eliminating the risks involved in working at height

A great example of this is a roof in Liverpool inspected with a drone for a roofing contractor. This 1 hour inspection saved the roofing company at least£1000, directly because the inspection provided super high resolution images, at all sorts of useful angles. One hour after the DSR pilot arrived on site, the site manager and building consultant knew exactly what work needed doing, how long it would take and how much material they needed.

In just one hour the building contractors and the roofing team were a full week ahead of where they would otherwise been using traditional methods.

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