Drones have become a valuable tool in the construction, insurance and energy industries.

As well as being used for surveying and planning, they have revolutionised the way inspections of hard to reach places are carried out.

Forget about helicopters, scaffolding and ladders – a drone can be in the air within minutes and capture high resolution photographs and video footage. A drone inspection in the UK costs from around £300, and this is a huge cost saving over other methods. It can also be safer if carried out by a qualified, CAA approved drone pilot – engineers don’t have to scale tall buildings.

Examples of drone inspection work in the UK include –

  • Looking for damage to roofs following storms and high winds

  • Bridge inspections

  • Routine inspection of mobile phone towers

  • Solar farm work – checking for defects to panels

  • Checking wind turbines for damage by bird strikes

Specialist equipment is needed for some inspection work, but a visual check can be carried out by most professional standard drones. At Drone Safe Register we have members with a broad range of expertise and equipment across all industries, and we can advise you on the best company in your area for the job.

Drone inspection in the UK is still evolving, and new technology will make it even easier and safer over the coming years. Improved battery life, more advanced cameras and improved obstacle avoidance systems will make drones even more powerful.

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