Last month, Drone Safe Register (DSR) launched its annual awards to commend and celebrate our members’ outstanding contribution to the UK’s thriving drone industry.

drone safe register awards 2016

1. The DSR Film & Television Aerial Imagery Award 

The best DSR members’ drone work that featured on TV or in a Film is awarded to Michael Kheng of Kurnia Aerial Photography.

2. The DSR Best Commercial Drone Application Award

The DSR member who applied the best use of drone technology in the field of UAV mapping, surveying or aerial inspection work is awarded to DSR member Mark Ryan of Rapicam Media.

3. The DSR Best Showreel Award

The DSR 2016 Drone Hire Best Showreel is awarded to DSR member Alexander Rees of Mighty Sky Film.

4. The DSR Best Drone Photo Award 

The best aerial photo of 2016 is awarded to DSR member Liam Anderstrem of Airborne Lens.

DSR Awards Award Winner

5. The DSR Best Customer Satisfaction Award

The DSR member who provided the nation with the best service and received the best customer feedback to Malcolm Davidge, Futurewise Aerial.

DSR Awards Award Winner

DSR would like to sincerely thank all our members for their photo and video entries into the 2016 DSR Drone Hire Awards.  The DSR team was overwhelmed by the number of entries, the high level of professionalism and the amazing aerial creativity shown by our members.  


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