Peter Jones was the Dragon of choice before DSR founder, Mark Boyt, flew into the Den. So when he left having secured investment from the man himself, it was understandably very exciting.

Drone Safe Register and Dragons Den

What remained unknown initially, however, was the level of personal involvement that Peter would bring to DSR. In fact, this has exceeded all expectations with Peter having already personally attended many meetings and even taken time to film a short promotional video espousing the benefits of the Drone Safe Register network of qualified and legal pilots.

“I’m absolutely delighted with my investment into the UK drone hire industry. It is not always the case that you get the chance to invest in a business that not only are you personally passionate about but also offers the chance to enhance the lives of so many people.

I already live within the world of drone technology as I own the biggest supplier of drones in Europe. In fact, I’ve probably had a hand in supplying drones to most of the DSR members!

I see unlimited potential for the Drone Safe Register as a UK wide network of drone pilots who are guaranteed to be qualified, insured and legal operators. As I said on the show, I believe that there is truly no ceiling to what we can achieve together.”

Peter and his team are already hard at work with DSR to implement a number of changes and build so many new opportunities for both members and the UK public in terms of leveraging the huge potential of drone technology in their personal and business lives.

“We’ve already had reports from our DSR member regarding the incredible work they’ve been doing. One pilot (featured here on our blog) saved a council over £4.5 million of public money by carrying out building inspection work using drones over traditional methods. I’m sure that there are many more similar stories out there.

Over the past few weeks working alongside DSR, I have learned even more about the uses of drones in creating safer working practices as well as saving so many businesses money, let alone their creative potential.

I look forward to playing my part in working alongside the pilots of DSR, to bring awareness of all of this incredibly exciting potential to the forefront of the UK mind. From property marketing, assisting loss adjusters and streamlining insurance claims assessment, through building inspections to working with the next generation of drone pilots in the school system, the possibilities are simply endless.”

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