Is a Drone Right for you at your Wedding?

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There is a long list of tasks that you are faced with if you’re planning your dream wedding, and now there is a new checkbox – should I hire a drone?

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Some photographers and videographers have added this serviced as part of their package, but many haven’t because of the expense of the equipment and the stringent regularity requirements to fly legally. 

A pilot flying for ‘commercial gain’ requires CAA Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and a minimum of £700,000 liability insurance.  This CAA certification comes after hours of professional training and testing, and comprehensive process and procedure writing before the CAA would consider granting a drone pilot a PfCO certification.

Also, if your photographer or videographer is fully occupied creating your wedding imagery form ground level, it’s hard for them to find time to also run a drone camera in the air as well. So, the chances are, you will be looking at hiring a dedicated specialist.

Drone imagery doesn’t suit every wedding however, so here’s some pointers to help you decide if drones are right for you.

Are drones allowed at your venue? It seems obvious but it’s worth checking up front as some venues have a blanket ban in place and that might make your decision for you. 

Are you and your guests going to be enjoying at least part of the day outside? Drones, due to the noise they make when they fly and the wash from the props, are not suited to indoor flights at weddings!  If you are planning on spending most of your day inside, then a drone probably doesn’t have a whole lot to offer you. 

Has your wedding venue got good space around it? Drones are best suited to working across larger areas of open land.  There is a requirement for drones to stay away from other people, property and vehicles that are deemed ‘not under the pilot’s control’ 50m in fact, so you could have hurdles to overcome if your venue is in an urban area. 

Aerial photos and videos can showcase your venue and provide a great cinematic, Hollywood quality to your wedding coverage. A venue from the air can set the scene in a wedding video or create much more depth to large wedding group poses. If your venue is in a built-up area or doesn’t have much outdoor space, drones might not be the right choice for you.  However, many drone operators use commercial grade photographic poles and masts, up to 15 or 20m which might be a great option to explore as well. 

Another thing to check or consider is, does your venue reside near to a sensitive area? Venues near to airports or military bases, even prisons and football/sport stadiums may face extra restrictions when it comes to drone flights.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t have drones as part of your wedding plans but there might be extra time for planning or cost that applies. 

When is your wedding? The weather in the UK is certainly unpredictable but drones can’t fly in rain or high winds, fog or snow and so that’s worth factoring into your planning, as weddings in the autumn or winter months will require contingency plans if a drone is grounded.

The simplest way to guarantee that the above points are all considered when you are looking at using a drone at your wedding, is to hire a professional, and legally compliant drone pilot like those on the Drone Safe Register. DSR Pilots will always consider the above planning points and advise you on how to get the best out of your aerial imagery, after all, its their job!

If hiring a professional drone operator to play their part in creating your wedding memories is still on your agenda, then check out Drone Safe Register’s qualified and legal pilots to find your local expert and start to plan!


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