How To Hire a CAA Approved Drone Pilot

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The question of how to hire a CAA drone pilot is increasingly being asked as this exciting new technology emerges. Forget about getting a pizza or your next Amazon parcel delivered by drone – the reality is far more interesting! Unmanned aerial vehicles are being used in everything from disaster relief to town planning.

Using drones for aerial photography is really just the start. Once you combine unmanned aircraft technology with advanced cameras, safety systems and software you can produce 3D models, movie-quality video footage and thermal scans. As artificial intelligence software improves and battery life is extended the concept of automated drones managing transport systems will become a reality. The scope will only be limited by the imagination of the industry.

If you want to know how to hire a CAA drone pilot today, there are several things you must consider. Firstly, it’s important to understand that a drone pilot offering services for payment must be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. There is a process involving studying drone technology and regulation, with a focus on safety and risk reduction. Pilots must take a practical flight test and prove to an examiner that they are competent and can conduct flights safely and within the law. Finally, a pilot must submit a detailed Operations Manual to the CAA outlining the day to day operation of his drone business from a process and technical perspective.

The second thing to consider when asking how to hire a CAA drone pilot is the type of work you need producing. The equipment and experience of a professional drone operator are very important factors. For example, if you need a drone roof inspection you wouldn’t hire a drone wedding photographer. Some aircraft have built-in cameras, but others are more flexible and different cameras and lenses can be attached. For drone aerial inspection work, a camera with a zoom camera allows you to capture very detailed images.

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