Drones and the Hospitality Industry

Today’s hospitality industry is a far cry from the days of travel agents and stacks of glossy brochures.

Today’s traveller can search resorts with a click of their mouse and view real life, almost real time reviews and images to help them to make their holiday decisions.

The modern traveller is information hungry. They want as much data as possible about their hotel or resort before they decide to book and part with their hard earned cash for a much looked forward to holiday.  They are also pretty savvy.  The tricks that used to work, when hotels presented themselves with flattering wide angles that make a small pool look enormous, aren’t going to fool anyone.  The holiday shopper is looking for a complete picture of the resort of hotel building and grounds and drones are uniquely placed to provide them with exactly that.

Aerial photography from a drone is the perfect way to showcase your hospitality location, allowing your buildings and facilities to be viewed within their environment and offering a clear image to your potential visitors.

You can use drones with multiple pre-programmed flights to create a 2D or even 3D map of your resort so clients can explore and fall in love with it even before they’ve set foot on the grounds.

Flyovers can create impressive video content to grab the attention of your website viewer and tempt them to book. Video has been proved to be one of the most trusted media types by prospective purchasers.  Viewers that feel they have the full picture are much more likely to proceed to a booking than those who feel that they don’t have all the information.  If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a video can speak volumes.

If you own or operate a large resort, hotel or golf course, then aerial photography and videography are a natural way of enhancing your digital marketing materials.  Fantastic results can be achieved with a UAV in the hands of a qualified and legal pilot for a fraction of the cost of a traditional manned helicopter or plane flight.  The aerial perspective can offer a really engaging way to view a hotel or resort as you’re never going to see from ground level.

With travellers being able to access an increasing amount of resorts from the comfort of their mobile phone, it can really pay to stand out from the crowd.

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