One of our DSR Professional Members, Glen Brooks-Smith, has turned a lead into a Hollywood film accreditation.

Glen has been a member of Drone Safe Register™ for two years, starting his first year with us under our popular Hobbyist Membership. Finding a passion for the droning industry meant Glens’ natural progression with DSR was to upgrade to a professional membership upon completing his commercial license.
Starting with a Parrot Bebop about 6 years ago, Glen recalls how his initial experience with drones saw him get through quite a few replacements in the learning stages. When he’d finally mastered the flight control, Glen decided to move into the commercial side of droning by obtaining his PFCO and he hasn’t looked back since.
Glen credits DSR’s exclusive closed network for the amount of support he has received in the droning industry. Mark Boyt, CEO and Founder of DSR, along with other members from the exclusive closed network group provided unwavering support to Glen during the initial stages of obtaining the lead, ensuring Glen was well equipped with everything he needed to complete the job successfully, including a last-minute dash for a Battery Station (which we stock HERE in our Drone Safe Store).
At DSR we pride ourselves in providing this community-focused network, which ensures that not only are our members supported by us but by fellow professionals with a shared passion for droning.

DSR Professional Member, David Hart – shared on social media “good to hear of a success story like yours providing an injection of energy and enthusiasm to the ones who are waiting for that break” 
Located in Hemel Hempstead, the opportunity was one of many being locally assigned through our Instant Quote system on DSR. Customers can enter any postcode and receive instant quotes from our national professional member's network of safe, trained and insured CAA approved operators.
The basis of the opportunity specifically involved photogrammetry for VFX (Visual Effects). 

Photogrammetry uses a combination of science and technology, to create a reliable image of surrounding objects and areas through the process of monitoring recordings, images and patterns of electromagnetic radiant images.

This was a hugely important role to play, ensuring the delivery of safely recorded, quality content for the VFX department.

Glen recalls his personal favourite filming location as the Old Railway Lines in Derby. Using a DJI Inspire 2 and X5s camera combination, Glen confirmed he was able to work faultlessly to an extremely high quality. This opportunity has provided Glen with a number of other job leads and experiences within the filming industry, most of which are still in production.

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Glen’s advice for making the most of working opportunities and exposure within the droning industry is to find what it is that you’re good at and have passion for and don’t give up. New and existing members at Drone Safe Register are given an incredible amount of opportunities to further their droning career, and we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the opportunities keep coming.

Our professional member's capabilities don’t stop at high-quality film production and photogrammetry. We have hundreds of jobs assigned nationwide for aerial photography, aerial inspection surveying and property photography, to name a few.

If you’re looking to further your career in the drone industry, get in touch with our team at Drone Safe Register for an impartial chat about the endless benefits and opportunities a membership with us can offer.
We are contactable by telephone on, 01243 882440 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, why not pop into our Chichester, West Sussex office, we are more than happy to help. Please note, during this time we would ask that anyone planning to come into the office schedule this visit in advance to ensure optimum safety during the current pandemic.
A massive Well Done to Glen from all of us here at Drone Safe Register. We are really pleased you found this opportunity from joining our network.


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