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Download Drone Stock Footage Now

When browsing the internet looking “aerial stock footage for download” you will no doubt run into the issue of finding dozens of different websites, offering stock footage for sale. Unfortunately, these sites often pretend to specialise in “drone stock footage” when this is simply not the case. 

Drone Safe Register offers the UK’s most comprehensive drone stock footage library and is the only site that can guarantee that the footage is from genuine, experienced drone operators who are the best in the business. 

Download Drone Stock Footage Now

How to Find Aerial Drone Stock Footage

Finding “drone stock footage to download” is easy as navigating to Drone Safe Register and visiting the ‘Stock’ page. From here you can browse the United Kingdom’s largest, dedicated aerial photography and film stock footage hub. 

Finding the right aerial stock to download has never been easier, all thanks to Drone Safe Register. You can browse aerial drone footage using dozens of filters including: ‘golden hour drone footage’, ‘landscape drone footage’ ‘coastline drone footage’ and ‘landmark drone footage’. 

Our easy-to-use website has filtered through footage to make it as quick and simple as possible to find the right drone footage for you. We understand that searching for stock footage can be a time-consuming process, which is why we have worked hard to make the process as user-friendly as possible, with filtering options in place to make browsing and locating relevant high-quality data an enjoyable experience.

Download Drone Stock Footage Now

How To Download Aerial Drone Stock Footage

Once you have found the aerial stock footage you were browsing for, there are a number of different options in which you can use to purchase and download our aerial stock footage. We offer our networks portfolio of stock images and videos at very reasonable prices and even offer watermarked editions available to download for free. 

To download a preview of our aerial stock footage, it is as simple as pressing the ‘download preview’ button! This will provide you with a lower resolution version, which has also been watermarked. This is perfect to test the stock footage in your imagery or video without committing to a purchase. 

To purchase and download aerial footage, simply add the product to your basket and you will be able to check out. Just click the blue basket to checkout with your stock footage!

Download Drone Stock Footage Now

How To Use Aerial Drone Stock Footage

As you purchase stock footage, you need to be aware of the license accompanying the purchase. There are often two different options available: Single-Use and Multiple Use. 

Single-Use Licence:

The Content Media (Single Use) License grants you, the purchaser, a perpetual, non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide license to use the original content (Stock Footage) you have chosen.

Multiple Use Licence:

The Content Media (Multi-Use) License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide authorization to use the original content (Stock Footage).

When it comes to using aerial footage, there are lots of different distribution avenues for you to explore. You can use drone stock footage for anything from additional B-Roll to Digital Marketing Material.

Often stock footage is used as a way of saving time, money, and resources in getting secondary footage for larger-scale production. However, if you are after more personalised aerial footage, contact a Drone Safe Register approved pilot to gather precise aerial footage to suit your needs.

Drone Safe Aerial Stock Footage

Remember - Drone Safe Aerial Stock offers the nation's largest selection of aerial photography and video. Our stock footage is available for immediate and instant download with both single-use and multi-use options available. 

Shopping for stock footage has never been easier, with thousands of shots from across the UK and beyond, updated daily and categorised by content type and location.


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