The New X5R From DJI

Exciting news for us here at Drone Safe Register HQ...

We have finally enjoyed watching some genuine and very much awaited footage from the new X5R (Raw) camera from DJI which has only been released this week on YouTube and Facebook UAV forums.

This upgrade will fit all DJI inspire models fitted with either X3 or X5 camera. And the cost is just under £3000 as a camera upgrade.  Our members love the Inspire X3 & X5 already but this exciting new camera upgrade is simply on a different level.  We have seen a few clips pop up on YouTube but here is the real deal. Please ensure you watch it on a 4k monitor for the best effect.

We always knew the DJI inspire platform was an amazing piece of UAV engineering but the DJI inspire platform has just got better, a lot better.  The DJI inspire is so easy to operate, very easy to transport and can complete multiple flights with ease.


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Harrison Green

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