Nationwide Aerial Inspection and Surveying Service

Drone Safe Register has the Largest Network of Aerial Inspection Drone Pilots in the UK.

All Drone Safe Register pilots are CAA approved, fully insured and can quickly and efficiently capture aerial data for roof inspections and aerial surveys.


Why Do I Need an Aerial Inspection For My Property?

A comprehensive survey by a Chartered Surveyor can be valuable if you are purchasing a property, but this may not go as far as a survey of the roof unless there are signs of problems.

A drone property inspection is ideal for checking a specific part of a building, such as a chimney. Using an Aerial Inspection Specialist will also mean that areas of the property inaccessible to a person can be reached and recording in high-resolution and captured to be included as part of a comprehensive property report.

A pilot with experience in the field of drone property inspections will be able to advise you about the best way to carry out the survey you need and whether it will satisfy other parties involved. For example, an insurance Loss Adjuster may ask for a drone roof survey to support a claim for roof damage.

How Much Does an Aerial Inspection Cost? 

A drone with a thermal imaging camera is ideal for checking the insulation of a property. The price of a drone property inspection could easily be covered by the savings you’ll make once you identify areas where heat is escaping.

Drones are rapidly becoming a widely recognised safer and more efficient evidence-based alternative to data collection methods for surveys and inspections.

Finding a professional drone operator has never been easier. Find trained, safe and insured pilots offering drone inspections across the UK using our Drone Safe Register™ instant quote system. Our network allows direct bookings and contact with a nationwide register of professional drone pilots, with no agency fees or commissions.

Thermal Imaging Drones For Aerial Inspections 

Roof inspections can be a crucial measure in saving you money in the long term…

By spotting potential problems early, you can save potentially hundreds of pounds on maintenance fees in the long run. Whether you are inspecting a property you are planning on purchasing or one that you already own, having an aerial inspection completed on the property ensures that you are aware of any problems and have the evidence to support a comprehensive report.

Traditional inspection methods such as scaffolding erection or hiring elevated platforms can seem to incur more expense and disruption than the benefit that they provide. Luckily, drone roof inspections can provide a faster, cheaper and simpler solution to your roof inspection needs.

Browse The UK's Trusted Network of Drone Pilots 

Depending on how many quote requests you chose we will automatically send the information that you have entered to that number of your nearest Drone Safe Register™ Gold Certified drone pilots. The drone operators will respond to your request directly just as soon as they are able.

Please note that our professional pilots are likely to be working hard, so allow some time for them to come back to you. It is usual for them to ask you a few more questions about the work you want them to do, as quoting for drone services is location and risk assessment specific. If you have any concerns regarding the legitimacy of a call you have received, please contact the Drone Safe Register™ team directly, on 01243 882440.


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