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Trending topics and seasonal events do well at the correct time

With winter closing in and the opportunities to fly diminishing, this is the ideal time to go through your photographs and select those to upload to the Drone Safe Register UK Aerial Stock Photo Library, with the possibility of earning 50% commission during these lean months.  

Although DSR already has 1,000 of photographs and hours of video footage available for resale to commercial users and news agencies, and you might think every conceivable need has been catered for, there are still plenty of new frontiers and angles to be discovered using drones.

Introducing Stock Footage By Location (Video)

The market may well be cut-throat, but keeping an eye on what subjects and styles are in demand by the marketing agencies should lead to positive financial results. We are not going to tell you how to take aerial photographs or edit them, but we will let you know what the up-and-coming trends are.

Every successful stock photograph has a distinct subject, be it a person, landscape, or a recognisable object. Your photos need to fulfil a specific function that people can use commercially. As trends come and go, some photo styles and compositions are always in demand, and drones allow you to give a new twist which should make them commercially attractive. The generic photos constantly in demand include:-

• People shaking hands, greeting each other, serving food, or having a meeting

• Simple, uncluttered abstract, symmetrical or geometric backgrounds

• Weather-related or atmospheric events such as snow, storms, frosty fields, drought, eclipses, full moons, forests changing colour in the autumn

• Photographs showing clear brands, slogans and logos

• Cityscapes and skylines with sunset and sunrise

• Transport such as modern and vintage shipping, railways and vehicles

• Extraordinary or bizarre wildlife photographs

Obviously, keep an eye on the local and national news for topical items, and blockbuster television programmes. There was a huge demand for photographs of locations used in Game of Thrones, many of which look more spectacular from above.

Trending topics and seasonal events do well at the correct time, but make sure you plan in advance to produce something that really stands out. Make sure all photographs are fully recorded with date, location, subject matter, subject title and brief description for us to ensure the maximum SEO profile is secured.

So, insert the memory cards, analyse, categorise and edit the photographs, and make sure the ones you choose are sharp, professional, and technically proficient to ensure repeat business from buyers of DSR stock.

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