Papercut Media are based in Tamworth. 

Our multirotor platforms enable us to provide the crossover between track and dolly shots to crane and then to aerial all with one piece of technology.

Our lightweight Unmanned Aerial Systems allow us to capture up to 4K film using either the powerful DJI X3 or our Panasonic GH4 virtually wherever the shoot is taking place, whether it be on a beach or a mountain top, our aerial system allows extraordinary filming wherever required. 

Over the past 2 years we have gained valuable experience filming, whether it be aerial filming or ground filming, in many different industries including; Television, Festivals, Events, Construction, Advertisements, News Channels, Extreme Sports, and many more. Papercut Media also work on general productions and can provide a fully comprehensive package, with ground based filming along with aerial filming, in house post production and visual effects.

Clients so far include Channel 4, ITV, Panasonic, Halfords, NHS amongst many more!

Based in the Midlands, UK we are able to travel Nationwide to provide our clients with the video production service they require.


Our powerful multi rotor systems provide stunning footage up to 4K for any application. Both of our systems feature state of the art GPS enabled autopilot systems that enable precise movement in any environment whilst maintaining incredible levels of safety with features such as auto land and return to home in the unlikely event of any system issues. The on board camera systems both offer stunning HD or 4K footage with incredibly stability.

Our dual control systems allow the pilot to focus on the flight path and the camera operator to focus entirely on framing the shot meaning we are both efficient and safe whilst in action. Combined with retractable landing gear we are able to pan fully 360 degrees without obstruction. Flying inside is not a problem with our smaller system carrying additional onboard sonar sensors that enable our aircraft to offer the same precise movements both inside and outside.

Along with this it also features a live HD (720p) stream that can be displayed via HDMI enabling us to offer live aerial streams for your event. 

Whilst our smaller aircraft is well suited to inside flying and hard to reach places our larger aircraft is able to carry larger, higher quality cameras with the same incredible precision.

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