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November 2019 saw Drone Safe Register add it’s new Operations Manual renewal service to our members Pro Shop. This service is designed to help members with updates and changes that are brought in by the CAA with the ever changing regulations.

There are more changes likely in next few months, with the new EU UAS regulations coming into force from July 1st and DSR will be ready to help our members update their procedures to comply with the CAA’s requirements.

Drone Safe register are also offering two new ops manuals services, these are Initial Application and OSC – Vol 3.

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We are proud to serve our members within this industry and look forward to helping you with your application to the CAA for your PFCO.

Don’t forget if you have completed a PFCO course and haven’t applied for your permission, you must do this before the 30th June 2020, as you will no longer be able to apply for a PFCO after that date.

If you miss the deadline then you would be required to complete one of the new courses with a CAA approved RAE (recognised assessment entity). This is a good reason to apply for your PFCO whilst you still can.

Our Ops Manual Update Service

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