Drone Safe Register (DSR) is the nation's fastest growing marketed drone hire directory website.   This week we discuss how DSR has been able to grow our register of professional qualified drone pilots and support our members with lots of benefits.
DSR makes the process of finding and hiring a legal drone pilot quick and easy.  The marketed directory provides a searchable national database and digital map of trained, qualified and insured drone pilots who are available for hire. The register geographically lists profiles; complete with full contact details, drone specialisations/sectors, logos, reviews, show reel and links to your website.
Just Google ‘Drone Hire in any UK town’ and you’ll see Drone Safe Register are coming up in the top three search results and often first.  We do this by heavily marketing the site using social networking platforms and Google AdWords.

Perhaps one of the best ways that DSR have been able to rapidly grow our directory is the attention we have placed on ensuring that we are marketing the UK’s very best qualified pilots and their specialist drone services on offer.  DSR enables its members to categorise the types of drone work they undertake or specialise in.  There are over 20 sub categories to choose from with the most popular being mapping, inspections, filming, agriculture and property marketing.

By creating sub categories and allowing our members to list all their specialisations we are enabling anybody looking to hire a drone for a specialist reason to easily find a matching specialised drone pilot nearby.   These sub categories are searchable within the DSR directory under the Keyword search but also the sub categories act as keywords on Google.  The categories help link up our members with new customers Googling for their services online.

DSR has also created sub categories because we recognise that when people are searching for a drone pilot to hire they already have a reason for hiring.  I.e. for a wedding, an aerial inspection or perhaps for a filming project.   So if somebody types into Google, ‘Wedding Drone Hire London’ our wedding sub category listed on the directory will kick in and guide them towards our online directory.
The best reason to choose DSR if you’re looking to hire a drone pilot is the peace of mind that all our members are safe, legal, qualified and insured.   You can rest assure that all our pilots have permission to fly from the Civil Aviation Authority which is a legal requirement for all commercial drone operators.  Its free to search and the process is quick and simple.


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