Drone Safe Register™ are market leaders for aerial filming & photography services
The unique camera perspective of aerial filming can create breathtaking footage. Drone technology has made aerial filming affordable in recent years as it’s no longer necessary to involve a helicopter or light aircraft. As a result, a wide range of industries are hiring commercial drone operators for film production.
Drone Safe Register’s network of nearly five hundred CAA approved drone pilots have a wealth of experience in aerial filming and photography. This means that as an organisation we can offer national coverage to produce high-quality footage in a safe, legal and professional way.
The types of work now being undertaken by our drone operators
Aerial filming of properties. Property developers and estate agents are increasingly using video content for marketing, and there’s no better way to showcase property than from the air. If you have a house on the market we can produce aerial photographs and video to accelerate the sales process.
This is particularly effective for homes with large gardens and grounds or in attractive locations. Property developers use aerial drone footage to record progress on projects and to help marketing as completion approaches.
TV & film production. Aerial filming is used in everything from news broadcasts to action movies, but it’s now far more accessible thanks to commercial drone operators. Within the Drone Safe network, there are members with experience filming for the BBC, Sky News and major production companies. Specialist cameras and equipment may be required for some filming, but we have the expertise to advise on this.
Marketing, advertising and PR. They say ‘content is King’ when it comes to marketing in the digital age, and there’s no better way to capture the imagination than with some stunning aerial photography. From web content to online advertising, the otherwise impossible vantage point of a drone makes imagery stand out from the crowd. We also have a vast library of drone stock photographs and video clips that are great as marketing content.
Travel & tourism. Aerial shots of hotels, golf courses, country estates and other tourist attractions are a great way to attract visitors. If you hire an experienced drone camera operator they can advise on everything from the safety and legal aspects of flying over tourist venues to the best time of day to capture footage and photographs.
Sporting and other events. Organisers of events like triathlons, marathons and ‘Tough Mudder’ challenges are increasingly using aerial photography to capture the action. Outdoor concerts, festivals and music events are other popular subjects for drone hire.
Time-lapse, 3D-modelling and panoramas. Advances in drone technology mean the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating unique images and video footage from aerial perspectives. Drone time-lapses and hyper-lapse capture the passing of hours or days in a matter of seconds for creative impact. Drone data can also be used to create 3D models and complex technical plans.
The breadth of experience in Drone Safe Register means we can also offer ground-based film and photography and full post-production. In addition, our cable cam operators can be hired for aerial filming in locations where drones can’t operate safely.  
We are the nations one-stop-shop for everything film and photography related.
Drone Safe Register™ is the nations market leaders in aerial filming. Unlike most other drone filming companies we offer national coverage with unrivalled turnaround times. Our reputation for delivering high-quality content in a safe and compliant manner sets us apart from all competition.


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