See London from above including Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Place like never before. But, sadly this drone pilot is now in serious trouble.

Drone Footage London

The UK CAA have received a huge number of complaints and the London Metropolitan Police have been informed. The video was removed quickly by the poster but many have downloaded and forwarded to the relevant authorities.  The UK drone community took to social media yesterday expressing just how dangerous this footage actually is.

All drone pilots must have permission to take off from the land owner, keep 150 metres from 1000 persons or more and fly at a maximum altitude of 400ft. The Shard for example is 1016ft high.  The pilot was flying a newly released DJI Phantom 4 and would have disabled the factory 400ft settings. It’s clear the pilot knew what he was doing.

Many parts of London have restricted airspace for many reasons, it is possible to capture images like this but careful planning and permissions is a must and the law. Our pilots for example are correctly trained and commercially insured.

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