Drone to Fly Across The English Channel

Tomorrow a team ohttps://dronesaferegister.org.uk/f UK drone experts will be attempting to fly a drone across the English Channel starting in France.  If they succeed they will be the first ever people in history to fly a drone across the 21 mile stretch of water.

In fact this will be the longest distance ever recorded anywhere in the world by drone.  This will be a huge aviation milestone if they are successful.  Full CAA permission has been obtained including support from French authorities.  The drone will be tracked by boat with the pilots sticks fully forward for an estimated 70 minute record breaking flight with a controlled landing area awaiting for them when the craft lands on UK soil.  The Drone will be kept in sight at all times observing the CAA’s 500m ruling for UAV pilots.  This is an amazing challenge and Drone Safe Register would like to wish all the team at Ocuair the very best of luck.

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