New UK Drone Registration Scheme

Hundreds of members have now registered.

Drone Safe Register are proud to see that hundreds of our Professional and Amateur members have embraced the CAA’s registration scheme and are signing up in support. There has been something of a backlash within the drone community, but protesting and fuelling debate simply adds costs to the scheme which the whole of the community will be responsible for at a later date.

As drones have become more popular and affordable, a registration scheme was inevitable. The tiny minority of irresponsible and unlawful drone pilots have given the rest of us a bad name and harmed public perception of what is a incredibly safe and valuable technology. Making owners register their aircraft and take a test to prove basic knowledge of the laws relating to drones is a positive step forward.

New member materials have been produced to help owners label their drones with the unique ID number, and these will help pilots to recover lost aircraft. 

Since the early days of Drone Safe Register, we have been keen to support the CAA, both to understand and support safety initiatives and to give feedback representing our members.

This is how we have become the UK’s leading drone pilot hire platform. Drone technology is developing so quickly that we expect further changes in the law to come.

Operator ID labels will now be included at renewal and we have opened up the DSR Label shop HERE

The registration fee is just £9 payable annually and our short video explains all.

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