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We are delighted to announce in association with Drone Magazine that we will be further promoting the services of our subscribing members, commencing next month. 

We have just signed an annual contract and look forward to further greater exposure bringing even more awareness to the services that our members provide.

Expanding our involvement with another major organisation continues to demonstrate our commitment to our members and the industry that we represent.

Google Marketing

Since our launch last November we have been spending huge sums with Google and we are delighted to announce our marketing budget with Google has just got bigger for 2016. Since our launch members of the public have found DSR members very easily.

Marketing Objectives

Feedback from our targeted marketing campaign has been brilliant and so well received.  January we marketed to the Wedding industry and received some great feedback and interest.  February we have commenced promoting our company to the estate agents industry, commercial and high street.

We are really proud that other organisations are now highlighting illegal drone operators and where to find legal professionals. We feel we must being doing a great job as others follow in our tracks.

Working with the Public

Here at DSR, one of our main commitments is to help educate the public for a safer industry. Before we launched it was very clear that the UK industry was in a somewhat confused mess. DSR have now marketed to 1.3 million adults within various business sectors that may require UAV work. Our Drones for Schools campaign has worked brilliantly, educating so many youngsters on the safer aspects of enjoying this industry has been so much fun and tremendously rewarding.

The CAA & Police – More and more police forces are now fully aware of the law for UAV pilots. We have been very active with producing a checklist for the hiring public to use.


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