Inmates try to smuggle in Contraband

The number of drones crashing inside prison grounds has increased as inmates try to flog contraband during the festive season.

Eight prisons reported a total of nine drone crashes in October, including at Wandsworth, Sutton and Wormwood Scrubs.  The data, released under a Freedom of Information request by The Mirror, revealed most of the drones were carrying drugs and mobile phones, which can fetch up to £1,000 if sold on inside prison.
No incidents involving drones were reported up to April 2014, but it was reported 28 have since been recovered from jails in England and Wales.
Glyn Travis, from the Prison Officers Association, told the newspaper: “We know money, phones and drugs are transported in. Our concern is they may soon include guns or explosives.
“Christmas is coming and prisoners want contraband now so they can make massive profits.”
A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “Incidents involving drones are rare but we remain vigilant to all new threats to security.”
Credits: The Evening Standard

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