CAA Notice and Drone Hire Update

Four days ago on Friday the 12th of August the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published some changes to the Air Navigation Order (ANO).

The CAA sets the rules on drones in the UK under what is called an ANO.

The ANO sets out a series of articles that impose restrictions and obligations on operators of aircraft within the jurisdiction. These rules are set to protect the public and property- after all a drone in the hands of an illegal drone operator could cause a major accident in our skies.  Aviators, including drone operators need to comply with the Rules of the Air that are similar to a ‘Highway Code’ for the airspace over the UK.

This Order will be known as the Air Navigation Order 2016 and comes into force on 25th August. It replaces its predecessor, ANO 2009, and will become the key document for UK.

We are raising this and alerting both our members and the UK UAV drone community because although there are no significant amendments to the actual regulations there is a need to be aware of the new order for citation purposes and to be aware of the finer detail changes between ANO 2009 and ANO 2016.

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Drone Safe Register (DSR) is working hard to support its members who are ALL legal, CAA qualified and insured pilots. We want to put an end to illegal drone pilots operating for commercial gain without CAA permissions. We are hoping the introduction of the ANO 2016 will create a clearer legal framework to help make our skies safer and to make it easier to enforce the laws.

DSR estimates there could be more illegal pilots operating for commercial gain than legal pilots. It is DSR’s view that the authorities need to take a tougher line when the rules are broken. Repeat evidence suggests that the laws have been flouted.  DSR believes that by having more high-profile prosecutions with tougher penalties, this will send a clear message to illegal drone operators that it is unacceptable to break the law and fly a drone for commercial gain without CAA permissions and insurance.

Every member that joins DSR must have valid drone insurance and CAA permission known as a PfCO certificate. We only accept members who have these.  We make the process of hiring a legal and insured drone pilot quick and simple.  DSR provides a searchable national database and a digital map of trained, qualified and insured drone pilots who are available for hire. The register geographically lists profiles; complete with full contact details, logos, reviews, show reel and links to your website.

Currently at the time of writing DSR has over 550 drone pilot members across the UK.  On the whole we have fantastic coverage nationwide so no matter where a drone is needed we always have members relatively nearby available for hire.

We do currently have some major towns and cities in the UK that have no members to represent certain key surrounding areas.

  • Maidstone

  • Oxford

  • Chelmsford

  • York

  • Edinburgh

  • Exeter

  • Torquay

  • Yeovil

  • Salisbury

  • Basingstoke

DSR believes there is a fantastic opportunity for a CAA and insured drone pilot to place mark their UAV business near any of the above mentioned towns or cities.  At the moment anybody using DSR to find a drone pilot based in any of the above towns/cities will need to look further afield to the nearest member.  So, there are genuine opportunities to get listed and cover unrepresented places within the UK.

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