The use of various types of unmanned aircraft ‘drones’ has massively increased over the past few years.   Drones have many uses – Utilities, Agriculture, Construction, Aerial Survey, Planning, Aerial Film & Photo to name just a few.

Drone Safe Register UK Drone Pilots

Currently the UK has just under 1500 pilots with correct CAA permission.  If flying a drone for private leisure, you do not require CAA permission but the pilot should take full responsibility for doing so safely.  Using a drone for ‘paid aerial work’ requires you to hold correct CAA permission and carry valid insurance.

Drone Safe Register holds a list of CAA approved drone operators which can be found very easily using our digital map.  All Drone Safe Registered pilots are legal professionals, approved and insured to carry out all types of aerial work.  Please remember, it is your responsibility to hire a qualified drone company or pilot.  Anyone using a drone for paid work without correct CAA permission and insurance is doing so illegally and should be reported.

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